Comprehensive industrial & scientific projects

MDS Aero, Ottawa, Canada
  • Development of combined test facility for turbofan and turboprop engines (Korea), 2023
  • Development of indoor test facility for turbofan engines (India), 2022
  • Development of test facility for combined HPC/LPC of industrial gas turbine engine (China). 2021
  • Development of test facility for core of turbofan engine (Russia). 2020
  • Development of test facility for fan and low pressure compressor of turbofan engine (Russia). 2020
  • Development of altitude test facility for core of turbofan engine (China). 2019
  • Development of altitude test facility for turbojet engine (S. Korea). 2019
Samsung, Health Medical Equipment, Suwon, S. Korea
  • Development of probe arm of US: Design and structural analysis. 2017
  • Development of monitor arm of US: Structural analysis. 2016
  • Development of swivel system of US: Structural analysis. 2016
  • Development of perspective CT: Structure and cooling performance. 2015
  • Acoustic analysis of ultra sound (US) system. 2015
  • Study of heat transfer processes in mobile probe of US system. 2015
  • Research & development of IVD cartridge with micro-channels. 2015
  • Research & development of cooling system of detector box of CT system. 2015
  • Vibration simulation in CT. 2014
  • Methodology of simulation large and small geometries of CT. 2014
  • Research & development of cooling system in ultra-sound (US) system. 2014
  • Development of methodology for modelling a blood behaviour in In-vitro Diagnosis disk (IVD). 2014
  • Optimization of cooling system of CT. 2014
  • Improving of acoustic performance of Computerized Tomography (CT). 2014
  • Simulation of noise generation in Mammography. 2014
  • Simulation of heat & mass transfer around X-Ray tube (Mammography). 2014
Simutech Group, Toronto & Montreal, Canada
  • The development of methods to optimize the numerical simulations (NATCOM Inc, Canada). 2013
  • The validation and simulation of truck's aerodynamics (Transtex, Canada). 2013
  • The calculation of gas boiler systems (NATCOM Inc, Canada). 2013
  • The simulation and design of exhausted systems of gas turbine engine (Effox Inc/GE, Canada/US/Holland). 2012-2013
  • The development and optimization of ventilation system of passenger carriage (Bombardier, Canada/Germany). 2012-2013
  • The simulation of water stream in the rivers (Genivar, Canada). 2012
  • CFD simulation of sterilization chambers with low pressure (IED3 Inc., Canada). 2012
  • The validation of models applied to combustion process in boilers. (NATCOM Inc, Canada). 2012
  • Incorporation of ***** (International Safety Research Inc, Canada). 2011
  • Development and numerical simulation of refinery process of aluminum (Rio Tinto Alcan, Canada). 2011
  • Thermal analysis of light systems of car (Auto System/GM, Canada). 2011
  • Research of ***** (Suncor Energy, Canada). 2010
  • Simulation of Eductors for Oil storage tanks (Veolia Environmental Services, England). 2010
Combustion chamber of Gas Turbine Engine Department, NPO Saturn, Moscow, Russia
  • Development of high efficient combustion chamber for gas turbine engine (kerosene+air). 2010
  • Development of low emission combustion chamber for stationary gas turbine engine (methane+air). 2009
  • Development of two walls cooling system for combustion chamber. 2008
Cooking & Cleaning Group, LG Electronics, Changwon, S.Korea
  • Development of high efficient burner for cooking systems (LPG+air). 2008
  • Development of burner system for oven (LPG+air). 2007
  • Development of open burner for cooking systems (LPG+air). 2007
  • Development of closed infra-burner for cooking systems (LPG+air). 2006
Department of Heat & Air Condition Systems, LANTEP, Moscow, Russia
  • Development of pipelines system of passenger carriages for short distance trains. 2006
  • Development of condenser part of air conditioner. 2006
  • Development of climatic system for passenger carriage with 72 seats (LANTEP/Transmash). 2005
Department of Energy and Power Plant, TU Darmstadt, Germany
  • Research of unsteady flows in combustion chamber of gas turbine engine. 2005
  • Implementation and testing models for simulation flow with mixing and heat exchange (Fastest 3D). 2004
  • Implementation and testing Low-Re explicit algebraic Reynolds stresses and nonlinear models for near wall flow (Fastest 3D). 2003
  • Implementation and testing explicit algebraic Reynolds stresses and nonlinear models (Fastest 3D). 2002
  • Research of combustion chamber (H2+O2). (TU/Schott GmbH). 2002
Department of Aircraft Engines, Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Technical University, Russia
  • Stationary Gas Turbine Engine with double heat input and regeneration. (MAI/NPO Saturn). 2001